Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Services and Products

As a driver in UK you already know what DVLA is and what role in plays in UK. This is because DVLA plays an important role in the road and vehicle of UK. It is the main body that governs the registration and licensing of drivers in UK, and also the registration and licensing of vehicles. They also do other activities which help to maintain the roads, ensure safety and other road related activities. There are numerous services and products that are offered by this government agency. To be able to benefit from the wide range of services, you need to get in touch with Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency support staff to help you out.


How DVLA Helps

There are plenty of ways DVLA is important to you. If you have matter related to the registration of your vehicle or driver’s license, then this is the agency that you need to approach. If you are looking to know more about your vehicle taxing, this is the right place to go. Also, if you want to declare your vehicle “off-road” and not get to pay tax, DVLA is the right pace to be. If you are looking to get a SORN you need to visit their offices and inquire more about it. There is so much that DVLA can do for you, including the issuing of driving license, a photo card license, record keeping of driver endorsements, medical conditions and disqualifications, provision of registration certificates to owners of vehicles, among other functions.

One can call the DVLA support team to know about their MOT certificate. This allows one to check whether their vehicle is still road worthy or not, and whether they need to replace their certificate. DVLA has also enhanced their online services, whereby one can now get their driving license online. One can get a copy of their driving license online, which they can use for official tasks. When it comes to driving tests, DVLA is in charge of looking after all various tests. They are the ones who carry out the vital driving tests within the country.


There is so much that DVLA dos to help you out as a resident. You can also call their offices to ask about V5C replacement, which is related to vehicle registration. This is a vital part when it comes to the selling of your vehicle and providing proof of ownership.

Getting in touch with DVLA

This is one of the largest agencies in UK, so if you need help, you can just call their customer care offices. You will be able to get the necessary help that you need. The Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency has large support center to ensure that all your worries are catered for. If you have any queries call them immediately to get eh assistance that you need.